Wedding 4: Paris, France

Performed by Hélène Bidard.

On Tuesday, November 7th. we got married in Paris, France.

Since lgbt issues are high on the agenda in both France and The Netherlands, the Dutch embassy got us in touch with the right people at city hall and we were honoured to get married by Hélène Bidard. The representative of the Mayor on matters of Gender Equality and Human Rights was obviously a perfect fit. Friend Renaud Ferreux offered us a 2 week stay at his house, just around the corner of Les Halles so we had the wonderful opportunity to go all romantic in Paris, as soon as we stepped out of the door. The city turns us into hard-core tourists so next to working on our documentary, we roam the bookshelfs of ‘Shakespeare and Company’ and are drinking tea at ‘Café de Flore’. We once again found a great ceremony photographer. Mahdi Aridj left Algeria for France, exchanged his drum-kit for a camera and focusses – among many other things – on gay weddings. Yes, we do seem to find people with great stories.

Outfit by Atelier Leon.
Photos by Mahdi Aridj.

Thank you to our local supporters
For connecting us at Paris city hall.
For offering us a first class trip from Antwerp to Paris.
For documenting our wedding day.
For lending us Fleur’s wedding couture.
For a great ceremony.



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